Is it illegal to have underglow on my car?

It's not illegal to have underglow on your car. Read our blog on this subject for a comprehensive breakdown.


What underglow colours are legal?

We cover this in the same blog mentioned above. Generally speaking, most countries don't want you using emergency colours on public roads.


I'm not in the UK, is underglow legal in my country?

Our blog also covers the law on underglow in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.


Will your Underglow fit my car?

Absolutely! We have served so many different car types. We provide 2 different Underglow sizes. Our smaller kit is a good option for smaller cars. All other cars should go with our larger option. 


How long does it take to install underglow?

Underglow can be installed in a few hours, but this really depends on your car and experience. Check out our step-by-step on installing your underglow.



Where do I connect your underglow lights?

Our underglow kits connect directly to your battery.


Where to get underglow installed?

If you don't have a friend or family member that can install them for you, some local garages and service centres can install your lights safely.


Will underglow kill my car battery?

Our LED underglow lights run with 12v power and come with remote, so they are not on continually. LED lights are very efficient, so you should not have any issues.


How much does underglow cost?

Check out our prices on our Underglow kit page.



How much is shipping costs?

We currently offer free worldwide shipping to all our customers, which is available for a limited time only.


How long are delivery times?

    After processing, your order will take 10-15 days to reach your doorstep. This can increase to 15-25 days during peak seasons and high demand.


    What countries do you ship to?

    We currently ship worldwide to UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada & more.


    What's your return policy?

      Instead of returning items, you can contact us within 14 days. Why? Returns run counter to our emphasis on sustainability: every return has a carbon footprint. So just tell us what went wrong, send along a pic, and we’ll arrange a replacement or refund.


      Can I cancel my order

      If you wish to cancel your order, you will need to contact us immediately. In order to process your cancellation we will need to receive before your order has left our warehouse. Simply contact us as soon as possible via email at info@ambientcarvibes.com


      What happens if I receive the wrong item?

      If there’s an issue with your order -- if it’s the wrong size, wrong colour, defective, or otherwise not exactly what you wanted -- then simply notify us, and we will rectify the problem.


      Do you offer exchanges?

      We do not offer exchanges. However, if for any reason you didn’t get the exact product you expected, just let us know and we’ll get you a new one.