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Underglow lights are a car lighting system, that when attached to the underbody of your vehicle provides an eye-catching modification, giving your car a cool ambient floating effect.

Are Underglow lights illegal in the UK?

Underglow is not illegal. There are no UK laws that prohibit you from fitting Underglow lights on your car. However, there are specific guidelines that determine which colours you are allowed to display on public roads.


What's the UK law on neon Underglow lights?

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 provides an extensive list of rules for all types of car lighting permitted for UK drivers, which include:

  • You are only allowed to use white or yellow headlights at the front of your car.


  • Blue, green and red lights are not allowed in any direction on your vehicle, as you could be confused with emergency services.


  • Only red tail lights are permitted, with amber indicator lights, and white reversing lights, which permit license plate lamps.


So the answer is yes, you can legally install Underglow on your vehicle, however, you need to follow the guidelines in terms of the colours on display on public roads.

Now let's explore the regulations regarding Underglow lights in some of our other main shipping countries.


Is Underglow legal in the US?

Laws regarding Underglow lights vary from state to state in the USA. Some states, such as California, allow Underglow lights as long as they are not red, blue, or flashing. However, other states, such as Texas, don't allow Underglow lights at all. It is important to check your state's specific laws before installing Underglow lights on your vehicle.

Additionally, it is recommended to only use Underglow lights while driving on private property and to turn them off when driving on public roads to avoid attracting unwanted attention from law enforcement.

Exterior underglow car lights


Is Underglow illegal in Australia?

In Australia, the laws regarding Underglow lights vary from state to state. In general, Underglow lights are not allowed to emit blue or red light. In some states, Underglow is only allowed to be used while driving on private property, while in others, they are only allowed to emit a white or amber light.

In Queensland, Underglow lights are not permitted unless they are specifically designed for use on motorcycles. In New South Wales, Underglow lights are not allowed unless they comply with specific requirements, such as the colour, brightness, and location.

It is important to check with your local authorities and familiarise yourself with the laws and regulations regarding Underglow lights in your state before installing them on your vehicle. Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines and legal penalties.


What are the laws on Underglow lights in Germany?

In Germany, Underglow lights are allowed as long as they meet certain technical standards and do not obstruct the driver's view or distract other road users.

Additionally, the lights must not interfere with the functioning of the vehicle's normal lighting systems and must be turned off while driving on public roads. The use of Underglow lights while driving is only allowed in certain cases, such as when they are used in combination with warning lights or emergency lights.


Is Underglow legal in Spain?

In Spain, Underglow lights are allowed as long as they do not obstruct the driver's view or distract other road users. The lights should not be distracting to other drivers and must not interfere with the functioning of the vehicle's normal lighting.

Generally, it is recommended to use Underglow lights only while the vehicle is parked, as using them while driving on public roads can be dangerous and may result in fines.


Underglow kit on blue sports car.




What are the laws for Underglow in Canada?

In Canada, the laws regarding Underglow lights vary by province.

In Ontario, Underglow lights are allowed providing they are not visible from the front of the vehicle and do not emit a blue or red light, as these colours are reserved for emergency vehicles only.

In British Columbia, Underglow lights are only allowed to be used while the vehicle is stationary.

In Quebec, Underglow should not be used while driving on public roads and must be completely turned off while the vehicle is in motion.

What are the Underglow laws in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands don't have specific laws on Underglow kits, however, it's important to note that Dutch law really emphasizes road safety and requires drivers to comply with certain lighting requirements.

Car lighting in the Netherlands must adhere to the regulations outlined in the Road Traffic Act (Wegenverkeerswet). These rules cover headlights, taillights, indicators, and reflectors to help visibility and safety on the road.


How many Underglow colours are available?

Our RGB Exterior Neon Underglow Lights come with 12 colour choices, including yellow, mustard, purple, orange, pink, peach, white, navy, army green, green, blue, red and green. This remote-controlled lighting system allows you to select a single colour at a time or choose from a range of colour changing modes. The LED bars are made with built in sensors that can be set to react to the beat of your music.

This provides you with more than enough options to avoid illegal colours, but still be able to have them available for photo shoots, car meets and shows.


Underglow lights close up in multi colour mode.





As a general rule, Underglow lights are considered legal for installation. It's important to note that these lights should not flash or display the colours red or blue on public roads. These guidelines are in place to prevent any confusion with emergency vehicles, which typically use red and blue lights.

To conclude, Underglow kits are legal to install and use, but in accordance with the specified regulations of your city.

If you have not yet purchased your Underglow kit, we recommend visiting our Underglow kit page for more information and options.

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