Motorcycle Underglow Laws UK: A Comprehensive Guide

Underglow is becoming a more frequent modification for both car and motorcycle enthusiasts as the lighting system regains popularity. However, before installation, we recommend that every rider should have knowledge of the laws surrounding their use.

Understanding Motorcycle Underglow Laws

It is completely legal to install underglow on your motorcycle, but riders must adhere to UK legislation concerning placement and the colour of lights on display. The laws have been implemented to promote road safety and prevent distractions and hazards for both drivers and riders alike. Non-compliance can lead to fines and even worse penalties. The aim is for all riders to prioritize safe and exercise caution when adding any type of motorcycle modification.


Permissible Colours

On public roads in the UK, only white or amber lights are permitted on your motorcycle, along with the red for brake lights. Riders may utilize the various colours in their kit during car meets, shows or in off-road settings, but as a rule of thumb, you want to avoid using colours that can be mistaken for emergency vehicles by public roads.


Placement Restrictions

Now we know the colours we are permitted to use on public roads while riding motorcycles, it is important to know that under UK law, underglow should not be seen from the front or rear of the bike, to make sure they are not interfering with your motorcycle's front or rear lights and therefore distracting other road users.

Secure installation is crucial to make sure your light bars don't detach while you're riding, causing a major hazard to yourself and others.


Motorcycle underglow lights kit



Penalties for Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with motorcycle underglow laws in the UK can result in penalties and legal consequences. The severity of the offense will determine the outcome, with penalties ranging from fines to potential license suspension or motorcycle seizure. So it's very important you familiarize yourself with the regulations to avoid such consequences.


Practical Tips

To ensure a trouble-free and compliant riding experience:

  • Stay informed about any changes or updates to motorcycle underglow laws in the UK.
  • Consult a professional for guidance on installation and placement.
  • Use high-quality underglow lights that meet necessary standards.
  • Consider the safety and comfort of other road users when customizing your motorcycle.



Customizing your motorcycle with underglow lights is an exciting way to express your style and steal the show at car meets, but compliance with the law is essential for an enjoyable riding experience. This guide should equip you with an understanding of permissible colours, placement restrictions, penalties for non-compliance, and practical tips to enjoy your bike's new underglow kit.

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